About Living Humane Online

living_humane_logo_t_sm_0818Welcome to Living Humane Online, a multi-media news site on animals and the environment.

Living Humane Online offers news and information on topics from pet adoption and wildlife protection to animal law and vegan lifestyles.  This news magazine is a community supported site hosting articles, original news stories and commentary.

Living Humane Online  explores the nuances of living in harmony with animals and the environment, and serves as Seattle’s local animal welfare and compassionate lifestyle source connecting our broad community of advocates, conscientious consumers, pet owners, community leaders and the humane business community.

Living Humane was originally started as a radio program on KKNW 1150 AM in Seattle.  Podcasts of the program are available on this site.  Join host Christie Lagally as she interviews guests from rescue groups and animal advocates to chefs and business owners about how we can all live more comfortably and compassionately at the same time.

Living Humane Online accept support from companies that sell animal-friendly or animal-free products and provides the opportunity for animal welfare groups from across Puget Sound and Washington State to promote their work.  Learn more about Living Humane’s sponsorship program.


Editor: Christie Lagally

Email:  christielagally    “at”   gmail     “dot”   com