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Be kind to our web-footed friends

Be kind to our web-footed friends

Activists declare ‘Amazon: Foie Gras Is Too Cruel to Swallow,’ urge company to ditch inhumane product following undercover investigation at supplier

Amazon.com executives will be the targets of an animal cruelty protest Tuesday, when members of the organization Mercy For Animals converge outside the online retailer’s corporate headquarters.

Demanding that the company end its sale of foie gras—the diseased livers of force-fed ducks—the activists will wield signs such as “Amazon Supports Animal Torture” and “Delete Cruel Foie Gras,” and banners bearing heartbreaking images of ducks with metal pipes rammed down their throats.

The protest comes on the heels of a hidden-camera investigation at an Amazon foie gras supplier exposing workers violently grabbing ducks by their wings and necks and then shoving metal pipes down their throats to force-feed them, ducks with bloody wounds, and workers slitting the throats of fully conscious ducks.

Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Time: 12 noon
Location: Amazon headquarters, 441 Terry Ave. N., Seattle, WA

“Force-feeding in the foie gras industry is inherently cruel,” said Dr. Lorelei Wakefield, a New York-based veterinarian and animal welfare expert, after viewing the undercover footage taken at the Amazon foie gras supplier. “In order to get the desired fatty liver, tubes are pushed down the birds’ throats to near the stomach and a large amount of feed is forced down. This feeding beyond what the ducks would eat normally causes hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver, which impairs liver function. Severe liver impairment can lead to conditions like enlargement of the liver, fluid in the abdomen and eventually death.”

Forcing metal pipes down ducks’ throats and cramming food into their stomachs in order to produce diseased, fatty livers is so patently cruel the practice has been banned in California and more than a dozen countries. Leading chefs, restaurants, and grocery retailers, including Costco, Safeway, Wolfgang Puck, Giant Eagle, and Target, refuse to sell foie gras due to its inherent cruelty.

MFA is now urging Amazon.com—the world’s largest online retailer—to prohibit the sale of foie gras on its website. In the past, Amazon has stopped selling other products, including whale meat, shark fin soup, and animal-fighting videos, due to their cruel production practices.

“Shoving metal pipes down the throats of innocent animals, and then force-feeding them grossly excessive amounts of food to intentionally induce a disease state is blatant and unacceptable cruelty to animals,” said MFA’s executive director, Nathan Runkle. “Amazon has the power and ethical responsibility to take a stand against this egregious animal abuse by immediately ending the sale of all foie gras products.”
To view the undercover video, visit www.AmazonCruelty.com.

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