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Photo:  Marina Dervan in front of a picture of Batman by artist Mark Barone (courtesy of Sagacity Productions)

Sagacity Productions has announced the making of a new, unique documentary about an artist bringing awareness to the high rates of euthanasia in our country’s animal shelters. The documentary is entitled An Act of Dog.

From the film synopsis:

“In this tender, painful baring of the truth, newly naturalized citizen Marina Dervan opens the back door to a world where companion animals are methodically killed by the millions. Marina’s partner, artist Mark Barone, finally agrees to look at the evidence, then commits to painting the number of dogs destroyed daily in U.S. shelters – all 5,500 of them.”

“As a filmmaker, I leapt at the chance to tell this story,” says producer Bonnie Silva. “This is a love story that will follow the beat of an artist’s heart. The soul-searing expressions and deep pathos captured in Mark’s portraits will take us down a different path to social change.”

Silva and her team are raising money for the film through Kickstarter.

“The Kickstarter campaign is part of our overall funding strategy. ”  The documentary is expected to air on local PBS stations.

Silva says they hope to finish the documentary by November 2014.  The project is based at the Mellwood Arts Studio in Louisville, KY.

“I think Mark and Marina’s story will resonate with people everywhere, whether they live in Seattle, Boston, or on the other side of the globe,” says Silva.  “People the world over love dogs and appreciate art, but beyond that many people want to know how it’s possible to change things, and what they can do to spark social change in their own communities.”

With files from Sagacity Productions.

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