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Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), a charity navigator site that ranks the effectiveness of animal nonprofits, has chosen The Humane League (THL) for the third time as a top charity. ACE’s comprehensive review considered 155 animal protection charities from all around the world, ranging from large non-profits to small local groups. The evaluation analyzed everything from budgets to organizational structure to the impact each charity was having on animals.

In their review of THL, the Animal Charity Evaluators praise their overall outlook and approach to advocacy as the most impressive accomplishment. “They make exceptionally strong efforts to assess their own programs and to look for and test out ways of improving them… we think their assessment methods and goals are solid.” Within the review were also notable mentions of both local outreach and online ads being highly effective. ACE estimates that The Humane League spares about 3.4 animals from suffering for each $1 that it spends.

“It is an incredible honor to receive this recommendation from Animal Charity Evaluators for the third time in a row”, says THL’s Executive Director, David Coman-Hidy. “Whether it is our outreach, education, or institutional campaigns, THL focuses on the bottom line: how many animals are we helping?”

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