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I’m usually asked to review books or movies, but when Beanfields suggested that I try out their variety of Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips, I thought this would be a great gig!  I already love Beanfields!  Little did I know that beyond my already loved Nacho Beanfields Chips, the company actually makes many other varieties.

As I said, my favorite (again) is Nacho.  This chip is much like the flavor of Dorritos I had as a kid, but lighter and crispier and without the heavy feeling you used to get from eating Dorritos. I highly recommend Beanfields Nacho!

But with a chance to try all the flavors, I also found I really enjoyed the Sea Salt, Unsalted and Salt & Pepper Flavors, which, without a lot of seasoning, you could actually taste the beans and rice used to make these chips, and it reminded me of the freshest bean and rice burritos I used to make as a college student.  It was a nice realization that these chips are really quite seated in the “whole foods” category that I work hard to stick to.

The Ranch, BBQ and Pico de Gallo flavors are good for any picnic on the lawn, deck or at the beach.  I really like the Ranch Flavor and Pico de Gallo to make nachos with or serve up with some fresh guacamole and salsa.  They have just the right flavor to accompany any vegan, Mexican meal.  Similarly, the BBQ flavor goes with a Field Roast sausage off the barbecue and is perfect to remind you of summer at anytime of the year.

Thanks Beansfields for letting me trying the family of flavors!

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