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I recently read “Murder Strikes a Pose” by first-time author Tracy Weber, and I had a hard time putting it down. The mystery is a fun combination of yoga and crime-fighting – Weber owns a yoga studio here in Seattle and imbues her protagonist, Kate, with the tricks of a yoga lifestyle . I was impressed by several features of the book, including the story, the character development, and especially the vivid Seattle surroundings. Greenwood, the Burke-Gilman Trail, Issaquah, and Ballard serve as perfect backdrops for the story, and Weber describes the unique character of each neighborhood well. The mystery begins when Kate temporarily takes in Bella, a reactive German Shepard, after Bella’s owner George is murdered. Bella is a handful – anyone with a reactive dog knows exactly what Weber describes, because much of Bella’s behavior is straight out of my family’s life living with a reactive dog. You just can’t make this stuff up! Kate’s efforts to solve the crime are partly to find Bella a permanent home and partly to serve justice for George, a homeless man to whom Kate grew close. The mystery does a great job of throwing twists and turns in Kate’s way, but Kate does indeed solve the crime, nearly dying herself in the process.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun mystery romp through local Seattle culture and especially to those who live with reactive dogs – Bella’s antics had me in stitches at spots, a catharsis but also a poignant reminder that all dogs are individuals and each is lovable. I hope we see more of Kate and Bella in the future, as this duo seems ripe for a series.

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