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Across the USA and Canada, cities are taking the bold step of banning the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals that are sold in retail pet stores.  More often than not, investigations into the sources of these animals has led investigators to industrialized puppy and kitten mills and backyard breeders where conditions for the animals are inhumane and intolerable.   For a list of recent retail pet sale bans, see Best Friend’s list of cities.

While some retail pet sales have helped to curb puppy and kitten mills and to reduce the number of homeless animals in our cities, these industrialized breeding facilities also use online websites to sell dogs and cats.  Until recently, because these animals were sold online, the breeding facilities were not subject to federal oversight and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act.  That changed in September 2013 when the USDA made it mandatory for breeders selling animals online to be inspected for baseline conditions.  While this move does not address all the serious concerns of animal mills, it does help thousands of dogs who live in substandard, inhumane conditions.

In Canada, federal oversight laws have yet to catch up to the expansion of online pet sales.  A large number of those sales occur on the Kijiji website.

Now, concerned customers have an opportunity to report their experience buying dogs and cats off Kijiji that initially came from mills.  Visit or read stories at  http://kijiji-pet-stories.tumblr.com/.

The collection of these customer stories was started by animal advocate, Barbara Lapointe, who has worked diligently against the sales of industrialized bred animals in both retail and online outlets.

“Since I started the petition, many people have sent me stories of their own experience buying an animal on Kijiji and realizing they were dealing with a puppy mill or unethical backyard breeder,” explained Lapointe.  “I created this website where anyone can submit their Kijiji story and read the stories of others who have bought an animal on Kijiji.  With this site we can prove to Kijiji that not only are they allowing puppy mills and unethical breeders to profit, but that Kijiji customers are being affected as well.”
Currently there are 162 stories on the English site. There is a French version of the site as well at  http://histoires-kijiji-animaux.tumblr.com.
To learn more about puppy, kitten and animal mills, visit http://www.caps-web.org/.

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Christie Lagally is a freelance writer, columnist and activist and founder of Living Humane Online. Christie’s published work was featured in the Richmond News from 2009 – 2011. Currently, Christie writes a column called “Among the animals” for the Pacific Publishing Company’s City Living Seattle paper. Her work has recently been published in Northwest Pet Magazine and Northwest Prime Time.

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