Home Podcasts December 2 – Wayward Vegan Cafe and Pawsitive Alliance

On today’s show, we had two wonderful guests who really shape the world we live in to be more humane:

Doh Driver is co-owner of the The Wayward Vegan Cafe in the University District in Seattle.  Wayward Vegan Cafe is Seattle’s favorite vegan diner, serving comfort food free of all animal ingredients. Wayward Cafe was originally founded as a worker collective in 2004. In 2008, four friends got together to buy the struggling landmark, renaming it Wayward Vegan Cafe to better reflect its mission, and turning it into a thriving vegan restaurant. Wayward Vegan Cafe is owned by vegans, and only employs vegans, so that the staff can enjoy work that aligns with their ethics, and so that the customers have confidence that the people preparing their meals understand what “vegan” means.

Yolanda Morris is co-founder, and President of Pawsitive Alliance —  an organization that partners with rescue groups to save lives across Washington by increasing shelter adoptions, preventing unplanned litters through spay and neuter as well as helping to ensure a healthy and happy home for each dog and cat through education services.  Yolanda was the winner of In Defense of Animal’s Guardian Award, and is the proud parent of Leah (dog) and Lucas (dog), both rescued.

Download the podcast to hear me, Doh, and Yolanda discuss vegan dining in Seattle, how Pawsitive Alliance helps bring together animal rescue groups across the State of Washington, and how to get started fostering adoptable animals for some of the many rescue groups in this area!  Plus, hear about the article that appears on the front page of today’s Seattle Times about elephants in captivity and the efforts of the Friends of the Woodland Park Zoo Elephants to move the three elephants housed there to a sanctuary.


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