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On April 23, the organization Predators of the Heart visited the Edmonds Community College (EdCC) campus. They brought with them a cougar, three wolves, as well as a skunk, opposum, coati, and various reptiles. The animals were kept in small enclosures without access to food or water for several hours.

This event caused an uproar among many students and staff, however, there are still plenty of individuals who don’t understand what it is like for these animals to be kept in this manner as well as the inhumaness of it.

Moving forward, EdCC should no longer allow exotic animals on campus. There is no educational outcome that requires their attendance at the college nor is there any reason for students and faculty to be entertained by animals that do not belong in captivity.

Please sign this petition to ban exotic animal on the EdCC campus. When enough signatures have been accumulated, the petition will be delivered to EdCC’s president.

Information provided by Kyra Laughlin

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