Home Podcasts February 16: Vegan Living with Anika and Coreena

Show Notes:

This week we celebrated living vegan with Anika Lehde, the founder and primary author of Vegan Score, Seattle’s premiere vegan blog, and singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist, Coreena, a dedicated vegan, spiritualist and environmentalist.  We got to know these inspiring women and celebrated being vegan.

Our show began with with a call from Yolanda Morris of Pawsitive Alliance who spoke about Pawsitive Futures, the group’s annual celebration and fundraiser.  Proceeds go to support adoptions and spay/neuter for a variety of animal care groups state-wide.  The event will be held at Portage Bay Cafe in Souht Lake Union in Seattle on March 9 from 6:30 – 9.  Tickets are $45 and you can learn more at the Pawsitive Alliance homepage.

About our guests:


Anika Lehde

Anika Lehde

Anika Lehde the primary writer behind Seattle Vegan Score, a vegan life style blog and co-founder of Lion’s Share Industries – a vegan graphic art t-shirt company. She is also on the board of the Northwest Animal Rights Network, a local non-profit that advocates for veganism and the end of animal exploitation in the Puget Sound area. In her spare time she is the co-owner of a high-tech marketing firm with offices in the Seattle, Toronto, Philadelphia and London. She is a proud graduate of Seattle University with a degree in History and Womens Studies and has been vegan since ~1993. She lives on First Hill with her gentleman friend Kirby, their dog daughter Louise, and two frogs, Bun and Naynay.


Coreena in the KKNW Studio!

Singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist, Coreena puts all her creative energy into everything she does. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Coreena discovered early on that she had a penchant for singing. She says she sang “all the time” and started making up her own songs at eight years old. She went on to perform in high school musicals and was later accepted into Berklee in Boston. Coreena performed live and recorded an EP project called “Emotions” on the indie music label cgmusic productions which garnered press and good reviews.

Life (and her musical destiny) led Coreena to move back home to Seattle and to reinvent herself musically as an artist in the rich and diverse genre of Electronica. Her previous jazz beginnings are still there in the mix, but she’s added a layer of ambience fused with dissonant harmonies and soprano vocal range. Within her new music, Coreena (a dedicated vegan, spiritualist and environmentalist) touches on issues that include reaching your potential, the environment, and even a little bit of a nod to love-song lyrics here and there.

Coreena is a new breed of music artists, her sonic blend of electronics combined with backbeat rhythms, infusion harmonies and melody makes her an artist you don’t want to miss on record or in a club. (Bio by Carl Cunningham)

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