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Kathleen Conee of The HSUS (credit: Michelle Riley/The HSUS)

Kathleen Conlee of The HSUS (credit: Michelle Riley/The HSUS)

Join us on Living Humane this Saturday at 2:00 PM on KKNW 1150 AM Seattle or streaming online at http://1150kknw.com/listen.

In recent months, chimpanzee research in federal laboratories has come under scrutiny, and now, thanks to the advocacy of many organizations, over 100 chimpanzees used in medical experiments are being retired.   Kathleen Conlee will share the challenges of helping all chimpanzees in federal and corporate laboratories and the new challenge of caring for the newly retired chimps.

Leaping Bunny label

Leaping Bunny label

Though animal experimentation is a difficult issue, it has a straightforward solution for consumers — buy cruelty-free.  In the second half of our program, we’ll speak with Vicki Katrinak from the Leaping Bunny Program, a cruelty-free labeling program.  Vicki will talk about their work certifying cruelty-free products and informing the world how to easily avoid products that have been tested on animals.

Join us at 2 pm on Saturday!

About our guests:

Kathleen Conlee is Vice President for Animal Research Issues for The HSUS and oversees the wide array of activities that The HSUS carries out on behalf of animals in laboratories, with the long-term goal of replacing the use of animals in harmful research.

Specific efforts of the Animal Research Issues department include ending the use of chimpanzees in invasive experimentation and retiring chimpanzees to sanctuary through the Chimps Deserve Better Campaign; ending the use of animals for chemical and product testing, including through our Be Cruelty Free cosmetics campaign; eliminating pain and suffering in animal research; and pressing for development and application of alternatives to the use of animals in research, testing, and education/training

Before joining The HSUS, Conlee worked for seven years at a primate breeding facility as the manager of breeding and behavior, managing a colony of 3,000 individuals, including four macaque species, owl monkeys, and lemurs. In this position she used environmental enrichment and other methods to reduce captive stressors, cared for psychologically disturbed individuals, and managed the nursery facilities. She also did contract work with the National Institutes of Health.  More about Kathleen here.


Vicki Katrinak and her daughter

Vicki Katrinak and her daughter

Vicki Katrinak is the Administrator of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program.  The Leaping Bunny Program provides consumers with information about companies that do not test their products, formulations or ingredients on animals.  CCIC is made up of eight animal protection organizations in the United States and Canada including the current headquarters of CCIC, American Anti-Vivisection Society, where Vicki also works as a Policy Analyst.  In that role, she manages legislative and regulatory actions to protect animals used in research, testing, and education.  Prior to her work with AAVS and CCIC, Vicki spent seven years at the Humane Society of the United States where she helped to pass animal protection legislation on the state and federal level.  She holds a degree in Political Science from George Washington University.

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