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Neighborhood chickens in Seattle

Neighborhood chickens in Seattle

Google México joins a growing number of corporations and food retailers in Mexico and around the world that are improving the lives of farm animals by no longer using eggs from hens in barren battery cages. Google Mexico’s move earned praise from Humane Society International.

In battery cages, each hen must live her entire life in a space smaller than a single sheet of letter-sized paper. Hens are unable even to spread their wings. Confined in battery cages, they are unable to engage in other important natural behaviors, including walking, perching, dust bathing and laying eggs in a nest. In Mexico, approximately 196 million egg-laying hens are raised each year, the majority in industrial production facilities which frequently confine the birds in battery cages. There are more humane egg production systems available, which provide the birds with more space and opportunities to engage in more natural behaviors.

“Google Mexico takes corporate social responsibility seriously and is excited to be using cage-free eggs in our dining facilities in the country,” said Verónica García, facilities manager of Google México. “Not only do the animals enjoy better conditions in cage-free systems, but food safety is also improved when the birds are not confined in tiny cages.”

An increasing number of governments and food retailers worldwide are saying no to the confinement of hens in battery cages. Israel, Bhutan, India and the European Union have prohibited or are eliminating conventional battery cages. Additionally, a number of international corporations, like Kraft, Burger King, ConAgra Foods and Marriott International have committed to increasing their use of cage-free eggs. Unilever has also committed to being 100 percent cage-free globally by 2020.

Humane Society International praises Google México for taking animal welfare seriously and joining the global movement away from barren battery cages,” said Gabriela Duhart, HSI’s campaign manager in Mexico. “This is something that all egg-using corporations can do to improve animal welfare, and we look forward to working with other companies in Mexico on similar policies.”

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