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Happy Pig at Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Happy Pig at Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how much of our society is made up of people who care about the well-being of animals because we don’t see them represented in the news like we do with politicians, athletes or movie stars.  However, I’d venture to guess that in fact a large majority of people care about animals, and our news should reflect that.  Here are a few items from this week’s news that are reminders of our diverse and vibrant community of animal lovers.

PETA Visits OSU Campus

Oregonian wins journalism prize for “Going Vegan”

The Daily (at Univ. of Washington) – Removing the Veil

City Living Seattle — Veggie Out has new meaning in Seattle

Highline (vegan bar) highlighted in the Guardian

Plum Bistro on King-5 News


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