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Sunday, Nov. 25th is the first airing of Living Humane!.   Our guests are Jme of Motley Zoo animal rescue, and Rachel Bjork and Jerry Esterly from the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN).

Jme is the founder of Motley Zoo animal rescue. She grew up with small pets but never even had a cat till she was in college, after sneaking it in to her house. Her first dog came when she got married to Bryan, also a director of Motley Zoo. Their dog Jasmine was not socialized with other dogs, and went from the sweetest little thing, to a demon when confronted with another dog. The couple decided that this was not normal and that fostering might be able to help them work with their own dog, and save some lives. Jasmine learned to play and they now have four little dogs.  After fostering for a couple different rescues, they believed things could be done a little differently- and they set out to do so.  In 2009, Motley Zoo animal rescue was founded- and over 750 pets later, this rescue is known for it’s excellent service both to their people and pets as well as their unique approach to rescue. Their image and ideals are fresh, forward and innovative.

Rachel Bjork is the Board President and Jerry Esterly is one of the Founders of the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN).  NARN  is a Seattle-based animal rights organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals by raising awareness of animal suffering in the food, entertainment, experimentation, and fashion industries since 1986. Their efforts include outreach, demonstrations, litigation, and educational events.  Through their education and service, they work within our local, regional and global community to make a positive impact, and work with other like-minded groups, organizations, companies, and individuals to provide both strength of community and of unified support.

Sunday, Nov. 25th at 2pm.  Stream it live online at http://1150kknw.com/listen

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