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Smiling dogDoes your small business share our passion for promoting humane choices and lifestyles?  Then consider advertising during Living Humane on KKNW 1150 AM Seattle.

You’ll a reach a like-minded community of listeners who want to know how they can support humane businesses locally.

KKNW 1150 AM is alternative talk radio and the station hosts a diverse set of programs that reach many communities in the Puget Sound region.  When Living Humane  airs, so does an opportunity to share your mission to provide cruelty-free products or to help animals of all kinds.  While Living Humane was started to be a fun and informative opportunity to explore the rewards of living humanely, it also provides sponsors an opportunity to educate the public on available products and services that are in line with their values.

Contact us via email or phone at christie@livinghumane.com or call us at 206-293-1344. Learn more on the sponsorship page.

Living Humane on Alternative Talk 1150!  Your connection to a more humane world!

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