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Image:  Lanterns made by Art for Animals Sake participants. 

Art for Animals Sake
, a local non-profit that educates adults and children, about the true nature of animals, is facilitating a lantern making project to bring attention to the issue of animal testing.
“This year we are focusing on vivisection,” explains Melanie Sears from Art for  Animals Sake.  “The current campaign is called “Animal Testing Hurts“, and as part of this campaign we are working on a lantern project.”
Sears explains that their group will hold a lantern making session to create 290 paper lanterns.  The lanterns symbolize the 280 primates that the University of Washington plans to acquire upon the building of their new biomedical research laboratory scheduled to break ground next year in the U-District at 15th and Pacific.
UW has a fresh history of animal welfare violations at its current laboratories.   The animal rights group, Stop Animal Exploitation Now exposed the university’s violations recently.
“Being an art centered organization, we believe in creating and sharing beauty as an active means to change.  The main purpose of the project is to shed light on what the UW is planning,” says Sears regarding the University of Washington’s building of a new animal biomedical research lab right on the heals of recent violations of UW labs cited by the USDA.
Artwork is an effective way to empower and educate the public on animal issues like animal testing, explains Sears.
Art for Animals Sake invites you to attend a vigil on April 22nd.
“[W]e will display our lanterns at 15th & Pacific, along the Burke Gilman trail,” explains Sears.  “The lanterns will be a beautiful public art installation and a time to raise awareness about the [UW] lab practices.”
A youth lantern making workshop will be held at Mind Unwind Gallery on April 19th.  To learn more about the lantern project and to make one of your own for the April 19th vigil, visit www.animaltestinghurts.com.  There is a link to the “lantern project” complete with instructions to make one.

Art for Animals Sake also has a petition asking the UW to phase out animal testing instead of increasing it.   The group will be delivering the petition to the UW Board of Regents during World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week, which coincides with the vigil.
People for Reason in Science and Medicine (PRISM) also has petition directed to the UW. They have a demonstration scheduled for April 18th.  You can sign their petition here.

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