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The fish throwing spectacle normally seen at Pike Place Market in Seattle was out-shown this week by a mermaid with a message.  A bare chested PETA beauty snuggled up to the fish counter with a banner reading,  “Try to Relate to Who’s on Your Plate” and a sign covering her chest reading, “Sea life, not seafood.”  In the around 30 degree weather, this mermaid with a mission was intent on bringing awareness to the plight of fish caught in Seattle’s waters.

According to PETA,  numerous studies have shown that fish not only feel pain but also learn tasks, have long-term memories, use tools, and show affection. “They suffer enormously when they’re dragged from the sea in nets or impaled on hooks.” says PETA in a statement.

“People should realize that when they eat fish, they’re biting into the corpse of animals who valued their lives just as we value ours,” says PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt. “Fish deserve respect, not to be suffocated to death or cut open alive on fishing boats.”

According to PETA, when fish are pulled up from the ocean depths, they undergo the excruciating pain of decompression. The intense pressure often ruptures their swim bladders and damages other internal organs.  Eating fish is also harmful to humans. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that fish can accumulate thousands of times the level of cancer-causing PCBs found in the water in which they live, and fish are also a source of highly toxic methyl mercury. Also, “seafood” is the number one cause of food poisoning in the U.S.

Photo courtesy of PETA.




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