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Dan Smith, sitting within reach of the top spot of nearly every leader board, is one of the most successful poker stars in today’s game and one of the youngest too. Not only does he have a talent for winning one of the most challenging games out there, but he also has a taste for effective altruism. A recent tweet brought this to the world’s attention.

After visiting Reg-Charity.org, a charity navigator site targeted specifically at poker players looking to maximize the effectiveness of their charitable giving, and learning that all donations to The Humane League would be matched by an anonymous donor, Smith issued his own challenge via Twitter. The tweet read, “I think it’s a great charity… and will be matching donations up to $25,000. In case it’s unclear, every $1 donated leads to $4 raised.” When asked for further comment, Dan added, “The more I learn about The Humane League, the more I am committed to supporting their work. I know that my donation will impact the lives of thousands of animals and I want others to join me in supporting them.”

Tobias Pulver, the Executive Director of Raising for Effective Giving (REG), was glad to hear that Smith used the charity evaluator to come to offer such a generous donation. “It’s amazing to see more people consult information from scientific charity evaluators when choosing where to donate. It’s a great initiative, Dan saw that donations are being doubled and decided to add a multiplier of his own, giving people the opportunity to quadruple their contributions. This mindset of making the most out of charitable donations is precisely what we want to promote with REG!“

As mentioned on Reg-Charity.org, “By advocating for farm animals through public education and corporate campaigns, The Humane League aims to save the lives of as many animals as possible and to reduce as much animal cruelty as they can.” The Humane League remains the only animal welfare non-profit featured on the site, and is stacked next to outstanding charities such as Give Well, Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), and Against Malaria Foundation (AMF).

Donations to The Humane League need to be received before Dec. 31, 2014 and donor should mention “Dan Smith” with their donation.

Image used with permission from Dan Smith.

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