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October 2nd was World Day for Farmed Animals, and local residents in Seattle marked the day by protesting near the American Gold Seafood company located on the Washington Ship Canal.

The protest was organized by the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) and supported by the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) locally.

Protesters at American Gold Seafood (photo by Burning Hearts Media)

NARN protesters (photo by Burning Hearts Media)

NARN board president, Rachel Bjork, was among the 15 or so protesters who were working to bring awareness of the plight of thousands of farmed fished at American Gold’s pens off of Bainbridge Island.

“Not only are these fish raised in horrific conditions – crowded together, swimming in their own feces, often covered with lice – but they pollute the surround waters with their waste, which causes algae blooms, which causes oxygen depletion, which causes fish to die.”  explains Bjork.

“In short, Gold Seafoods is not only mistreating fish, but they are damaging the oceans.  Their fish farm operation is very harmful to the Puget Sound ecosystem.”

Bjork explains that local citizens are also bringing more awareness to the plight of fish themselves.

“They are living, breathing creatures.  They feel pain and they have lives that matter.  They are not swimming vegetables.  Furthermore, when people eat fish, they are taking away an important food source from animals that depend on those fish to survive.” says Bjork.

With over-fishing a concern worldwide, some people feel that humans are are essentially taking food from the mouths of orcas, sea lions, seals and dolphins when they eat fish.

Fish advocates (Photo by Burning Hearts Media)

Protesters at American Gold Seafood (Photo by Burning Hearts Media)

The American Gold Seafood facility in Seattle raises Atlantic salmon in factory-farm conditions with around 500,000 in netted pens.   Around 65 billion land animals are raised and killed for food every year; more than 10 billion in the U.S. The death toll of sea animals is even more staggering. According to organizers, the Seattle protest at American Gold Seafood is part of a coordinated, targeted series of demonstrations at slaughterhouses and other animal agriculture facilities around the world in observance of the 30th annual World Day for Farmed Animals.  Similar events were held in more than 100 North American locations and around the world.   This international day of action typically includes vigils, marches, and demonstrations, and takes place each year on or around October 2 in conjunction with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, an outspoken advocate of non-violence towards animals.
With submitted files from FARM. Photography by Burning Hearts Media.

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