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Kara Main-Hester

Kara Main-Hester of the SAS

First we’ll speak with Kara Main-Hester, Manager at the City of Seattle – Seattle Animal Shelter about their new bunny rabbit spay/neuter program for the public.

In 2005, Kara started volunteering with the Seattle Animal Shelter, the municipal shelter for Seattle. While working towards her a Ph.D. from University of Washington in the biological sciences, Kara managed the dog walking program at the shelter, and was hired by the organization in 2008.

Pizza Pi mushroom, stuffed pizza

Pizza Pi mushroom, stuffed crust pizza

Kara manages the fundraising, volunteer and emergency preparedness functions for the shelter. Kara’s background includes a bachelors degree from North Carolina State University, and she is also a published academic author.

Darcy and her husband/co-owner Charles Reeder on our wedding day outside Pizza Pi

Darcy and her husband/co-owner Charles Reeder on their wedding day outside Pizza Pi

Then, stay tuned for our interview with Darcy Fawcett, co-owner of Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria in Seattle’s University District. Pizza Pi is America’s first vegan pizzeria, having just celebrated its 10th anniversary. In addition to pizza, Pizza Pi serves up sandwiches, salads, baked goods, ice cream, appetizers, beer and soda floats and has gluten-free and soy-free options. Pizza Pi is vegan-owned and operated; their employees are vegan too!

Darcy was an employee at Pizza Pi when it went up for sale in 2011. Her fiance (now husband) Charles quit his job so he and Darcy could take over the restaurant together. Both credit their cooking skills to their younger years cooking with Food Not Bombs, an international anarchist group that collects and prepares vegan food that would otherwise be thrown away and redistributes it in public meals. Darcy was very active with FNB in Florida before moving to Seattle and working as Chaco Canyon Cafe‘s first pastry chef. She went on to work as the head chef at a residential drug rehabilitation center for low-income woman with young children, preparing healthy vegan meals for families in recovery. She also was a regular volunteer at Sidecar for Pigs Peace (now Vegan Haven) before Pizza Pi ownership took over all her free time.

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