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If you were in downtown Seattle a few weeks ago you may have seen a protest against the Japanese government for condoning the killing and capture of hundreds on dolphins.  Rachel Greenhalgh was the Seattle protest organizer and says dolphin killings happen yearly.

Seattle protesters (Photo: R. Greenhalgh)

Seattle protesters (Photo: R. Greenhalgh)

“We were protesting the atrocious and brutal dolphin killings that take place in Taiji, Japan every single year,” explains Greenhalgh.  ” I think there was around 60 people that joined the protest throughout the day.”

The protest started in Westlake Plaza in Seattle, and then the group marched to the Japanese Consulate building on Union St.

Greenhalgh said she and her fellow supporter garnered a lot of support from drivers during the protest.

“We had many people honking their horns in approval of our message as well as giving us a thumbs up when they drove by.” says Greenhalgh.

Protest sign (Photo: R. Greenhalgh)

Protest sign (Photo: R. Greenhalgh)

If you missed the opportunity protest, Greenhalgh says the best way to support this cause is to watch The Cove, a documentary about the dolphin slaughter and capture.  You can watch The Cove online.

“[T]ell everyone you know to watch The Cove and spread the message about how captivity is the driving force behind the dolphin slaughters in Taiji.  If the world stopped paying to see dolphins in captivity, the slaughter would end. Simple supply and demand. DON’T BUY A TICKET!” says Greenhalgh.

To learn more about this issue and how you can help, visit The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society at www.seashepherd.org.  

Seattle protesters bring awareness (Photo:  Greenhalgh)

Seattle protesters bring awareness (Photo: Greenhalgh)


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