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Why do you eat chickens and not cats?  Why do you drink the milk of cows instead of rats?  The selective treatment of animals in our society is perplexing, and a new movie, Speciesism, gives us a chance to consider this issue.

This movie is a new species of documentary. It takes viewers on a sometimes funny, sometimes frightening adventure across North America, exposing the biggest secrets about modern factory farms, and asking the biggest questions about the belief that our species is more important than the rest. You’ll never look at animals the same way again. Especially humans.

Speciesism is showing at Central Cinema on Aug. 11 at 7 pm, but you must get tickets in advance!

Speciesism was a term coin by Princeton professor Peter Singer about the distinctions we draw between animals and humans that we can suffer but they do not — a distinction not supported by science and observation.  A Huffington Post review of the movie declares the Speciesism, The Movie, “may change your world view”.

Filmmaker Mark Devries says he was inspired to make this film when at 20 years old he attended a PETA protest and learned about the plight of farm animals.  It has taken about three years to make the film, which was sometimes on hold as he attended law school.  Now in his last year of law school, he is considering a further career as a filmmaker.

Learn more about the movie showing on the Speciesism, The Movie Facebook page.

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