Living Humane Online is an opportunity to connect and broaden our community of animal-conscious consumers and to educate the public about how easy and rewarding it can be to live humanely.  It is our hope that sponsorship on Living Humane Online remains affordable for large and small businesses alike and will provide a low-cost avenue for non-profit groups to get their message heard in a diverse community.  Currently, web ad placements are available for purchase on this site.  Please contact for more information.

Why support Living Humane Online?

While Living Humane and Living Humane Online were started to be a informative and fun avenue to explore the rewards of living humanely, it also provides sponsors an opportunity to educate the public on available products and services that are in line with their values. 

Living Humane Online provides news articles, columns and op-eds you will not find on other news media sites.  Although print papers and other news media websites provide a wealth of content on many issues and connect us with some of our community, the missing component is often the stories about the rest of our community — the animals.   Readers and listeners engage with Living Humane Online because their lives include animals, they care about animals, they want to live humanely, and they want to learn how others are doing the same.

Living Humane radio is currently heard via podcast, but listenership has grown quickly with the breadth of the animal-friendly community in Seattle and Pacific Northwest.  As future podcasts are made, more sponsorship opportunities will be available.  Podcasts of Living Humane have been downloaded over 1000 times.

Some thoughts to consider about sponsorship and ad placement

The only restriction we place on the purchase of ad space is that it is in line with the general values of humane living.   For example, we are delighted to present advertisement from an animal rescue group, a yoga studio, a humane-conscious grocery store or a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but it would not be appropriate for us present ads for fast-food hamburgers or pet stores selling dogs from puppy mills.  While many points of view are represented on Living Humane, we are working together to support a community that respects and protects all animals.

Contact us

I hope you will find that sponsorship on Living Humane Online is both beneficial and affordable to your business or organization.  Please feel free to call or email us at 206-293-1344 or if you have questions or would like to place an advertisement.