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Transparency advocate and anthropologist, Russ Kick, is a citizen rising to the occasion to combat oppression.  As the Trump administration abruptly and callously removed and sequestered reports and information of all kinds from the American public, including USDA inspection reports on zoos, puppy mills, etc and even information on the rights of disabled children from the Department of Education website, Kick is publishing this information on his website at thememoryhole2.org.

Kick is collecting, or has collected, information on the Trump transition team, APHIS reports on animal welfare, NASA counterintelligence, and even paintings removed from the White House depicting violence against African-Americans and the resistance of the people.

If you have USDA animal welfare inspection reports, or other reports that you downloaded from a now suppressed US government site that Kick is collecting information on, please email Mr. Kick your documents. You can also donate to support Mr. Kick’s work.


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