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Federal Way resident, documentary filmmaker, radio host and health advocate Keith Tucker was recently awarded the Seattle CityClub’s prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service.  He accepted the award at a ceremony at the Museum of History and Industry on April 13th.

Keith Tucker is a leader with a vision to address community issues of poverty, obesity and chronic illness through teaching adults and young people to eat and to value healthy food.  Tucker engages youth in all socio-economic groups through the common medium of hip hop music by organizing the Hip Hop Green Dinners. These events provide an opportunity for youth, families and entire communities to share a free, healthy meal together while enjoying hip hop music with a live DJ.

Tucker has held eight Hip Hop Green dinners and events in cities around the West Coast, and he is currently embarking on a 14 city tour with this concept.  Tucker skillfully works with community groups, local donating businesses and community leaders to change persistent inequality in our community caused by the consumption of poor quality food and associated chronic health conditions.    He works tirelessly to reshape our understanding of what is ‘normal’ food by taking healthy food directly to the communities who need it.

In an effort to share this vital message of health, Tucker is also filming a documentary about his own journey from an unhealthy diet to a vegan diet.

With integrity, tireless effort and a deep dedication to the cause, Tucker has dedicated his life to transforming communities plagued by chronic illness by reshaping people’s understanding of the vital role of healthy, sustainable, vegan food in our community.

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Christie Lagally is a freelance writer, columnist and activist and founder of Living Humane Online. Christie’s published work was featured in the Richmond News from 2009 – 2011. Currently, Christie writes a column called “Among the animals” for the Pacific Publishing Company’s City Living Seattle paper. Her work has recently been published in Northwest Pet Magazine and Northwest Prime Time.

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