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Until The Humane League asked The Cheesecake Factory to end its support of caging egg-laying hens, there was no hope for the animals in their supply chain. The hens used for The Cheesecake Factory’s eggs have been forced to endure life in a cage barely larger than their bodies, where they are denied nearly all of their natural behaviors. They can’t even spread their wings.

This is all changing. The Humane League is proud to announce another campaign victory: The Cheesecake Factory has committed to ending the use of cages for hens. This is how it happened.

Thousands of activists across the country—mobilized by The Humane League—called, emailed, petitioned, and took to the streets and demanded that The Cheesecake Factory end its support of this cruel factory farm practice. It worked!  Not only did The Cheesecake Factory agree to phase out battery cages, it will also end the use of confining mother pigs to gestation crates two years sooner than its previous commitment.

This incredible victory highlights the effectiveness of our work together on behalf of animals. With your help, The Humane League has aggressively campaigned and changed the face of the foodservice industry—and now they are changing the massive dining industry.

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