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Braving the cold in little more than white bikinis and toasty animal-friendly boots and holding a snowboard that reads, “Be Down-Free,” two PETA beauties converged on downtown Seattle just as the Northwest Outdoor Adventure Expo at the CenturyLink Field Event Center late last month.

The lovely ladies’ point? That shoppers who would never think of buying fur often purchase jackets, gloves, pillows, or boots filled or lined with down because they aren’t aware of the hideous suffering of ducks and geese who are repeatedly—and painfully—plucked alive for down, as seen in this PETA video exposé, narrated by actor Alicia Silverstone.

“PETA wants snow-sports enthusiasts to know that buying down products is every bit as cruel as purchasing fur, exotic skins, leather, or wool,” says PETA Campaigner Emily Lavender. “If a product came from an animal, the chances that abuse and suffering were involved are roughly 100 percent.”

Warm, animal-friendly bedding and winter clothing are available everywhere. PETA encourages shoppers to check labels for synthetic down, down alternative, polyester fill, or high-tech fabrics such as PrimaLoft® and Thinsulate™—soft, washable, down-like fibers. In most cases, these options are superior to down, which loses much of its insulating properties when it gets wet.

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