King County Council will be voting on the sale of property in Snoqualmie Valley that will be turned into a confinement dairy using GMOs, Roundup, and synthetic fertilizers.  The property, known as the Tall Chief Golf Course, was bought by King Co. in 2013 for ~$4.5 million and the County proposal is to sell the land for just ~$700,000 to a dairy company.  We must take action today to stop this sale, King Co. Ordinance 2015-0425.  We need our animal welfare and organic farming communities to rally to prevent the sale of Tall Chief and the development of a new industrialized dairy farm in the Snoqualmie Valley.

You can help if you take action on these items ASAP?

1) Please write today! Write a quick email to all King County Councillors and ask them to vote against King Co. Ordinance 2015-0425. Even one line of text will work to express your request! Here are the email addresses and a suggested subject.

Suggested Subject:  “Vote “no” on King Co. Ordinance 2015-0425, the Tall Chief land sale for a confinement dairy”

2) Sign! this petitionSave Tall Chief  (

3)  Attend!  future council meetings.  See the Tall Chief webpage for information about future meetings.

4) Share! the Save Tall Chief website AND the Save Tall Chief Petition. Please encourage all your friends and family to take these action steps as well. Share this page with your network. 

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